What does the courier package appearance say to the customer?

Packaging sells. Its colour or shape can really make or break the product. The intended consumer response you may get when using warm colours – a red package increases the blood pressure of the beholder, orange is associated with adventure, blue… hundreds of books have been written on this topic, and countless lectures have been delivered. We are all aware of it, we do understand it and… do we apply it? So why then, when sending a package, do we reach for a grey cardboard box and a brown packaging tape? Because it’s close at hand? Or because a package is just a package? Learn why this is a serious mistake and a missed opportunity.

Some investment in the colour of the packaging or in its shape can boost your product sales. The courier box, while securing the product inside, (for more on securing read the text – “How to secure a courier package? 3 core principles for optimal parcel packaging“), can be used as an element of marketing strategy or as advertising medium which serves as a great visual brand identity tool.

Use custom boxes

It is worth considering a courier package as having a new quality and function: this free of charge ad space on the package that travels here and there can be spotted by tens, sometimes hundreds of people. The package life cycle time does not always come to an end with the package delivery. The packaging itself can be used as a storage space for a long time or sometimes used more than once – thus the message on it may reach many more potential customers.

It’s worth grabbing this opportunity. We have to pay for the shipment anyway, and the cost of simple packaging customisation should not have significant impact on the company’s budget. It is enough to have your monochrome logo and tagline print (slogan), plus the website address, or phone number printed on the box. The information to be printed depends on your preferred form of contact and on what you want to achieve. It’s not much, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

However, the minimum standard for branding your shipments is customised packaging tape, showing – if possible – your “corporate” colours and fonts. The print design is usually free of charge – you get it while ordering the packaging tape or you can do it yourself using one of the online wizards available on the tape manufacturers websites.

Your parcel showcases your company

If you can afford more than just simple prints, make the courier parcel a tool supporting your company’s image. The colour of the packaging or decorative paper would be an unnecessary extravagance while selling spare parts for agricultural machinery, however, it may make all the difference while trading in coffee or cosmetics.

It is highly relevant whether we choose to use a standard flap, fashioned or decorative box. The type of box, combined with the appropriate print may create aesthetic, unique, easily recognisable packaging. This does not have any impact on the quality of the product, but it strongly affects the company’s image in the eyes of the customer.

The sale is not finished with a bank transfer

Sales is a process that does not end with a bank transfer of the appropriate amount. The method of service, the length of time from placing an order to delivery as well as the look of the packaging of the delivered goods are all ways to establish a long lasting relationship with the customer.

If the buyer is satisfied with the purchase, from then on he will have positive associations with our logo, company or product name and the company’s colours. There is a good chance that he or she will want to experience satisfactory service once again and will shop with us, instead of another competitor’s store. And he or she will share it with some friends or make a short unboxing movie and put it on YT. And then – let’s dream for another moment – it turns out that this customer was one of the top 100 youtubers in your country and that our logo is now being displayed on a few hundred or maybe even a few million monitors …