The launch of the new 3DBinPacking site

We are changing for you and developing new tools and features!

When we started the 3DBP project in 2010, there was no person in the company who could imagine that in the future we would help people from all the continents in optimizing packing and storing processes.

Through all these years we were following one key principle – we did fulfill the customers’ needs. In fact all that you can see on the new website was created based on the feedback we received during conversations with customers. We deeply believe that using the new version of will be a pleasant experience.

Some of the major changes and features:

  • A NEW DESIGN to please our eyes and be extremely functional. Check it out even if you have integrated our services and rarely visit the website.
  • NEW NAMES FOR OUR TOOLS. We were trying to figure out the names that may sound more intuitive and express exactly what a particular tool does. We hope you love them. Check out how they evolved!
  • STACK PALLETS. From now on use this tool to pack any type of pallet!
  • LIBRARY OF PACKING SPACES AND ITEMS. Manage all your data much more effectively and faster. Save the dimensions of any spaces you are packing into – boxes, trucks, containers, storage area, pallet – as well as the dimensions of the items you will be packing into those spaces! Save time and create predefined lists of boxes/spaces and items ready to use later.
  • USER MANAGEMENT. This one is to help you manage 3DBP account access within your organization. It’s an easy and fast way to add or remove team members. You grant access to them to edit different areas such as calculations, finances, payments, statistics etc. All this is to improve the workflow and safety. Only authorized people will access the crucial information such as credit cards or payments.

Check how all these things work in practice. See you at!