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Being a top class e-commerce company, Prozis relies on 3DBinPacking to optimize the freight forward options, optimizing the shipping cost to the customer based on reliable data. 3DBinPacking service represents a gold standard for us in terms of performance, options, and uptime, and we are comfortable affirming that a part of our shipping cost control depends on this great service. This service is no longer an option but a solid must-have. It’s a must for our company and it should also be for every e-commerce company where the shipping cost represents an effective cost. With 3DBinPacking we are in control. All this power and performance comes packed with a great team, highly responsive, and always looking to improve the product. We cannot ask for a better business partner supporting our daily operations.

João Cruz

Operations and Logistics

3DBP has played a very important role in determining the appropriate amount of packages are sent based on our customer orders. Their package cubing logic is very accurate and allows us to determine how many items we can fit into our internal packages. 3DBP’s website is extremely user friendly. They continue to add new features to their site that we use to enhance our warehouse operations. To top it all off 3DBP’s customer support is second to none. Tom in customer support has played a huge role in teaching us about the different features 3DBP has to offer. This company truly cares about its customers and we are excited to continue working with them in future.

Brett Van Vreede

WMS Specialist

3DBinPacking’s APIs saved Floship a great deal of time. It allowed us to focus on the messy details of cross-border logistics and providing great customer service rather than implementing packing complex algorithms. The service is well worth the price!

Bill McCord

Chief Technical Officer

Finding a simple, user-friendly software that could compute and show us how to arrange our boxes of electric fireplaces on pallets seemed like searching for the needle in the haystack. Before finding 3DBinPacking, if we had an order with 300 to 400 mixed products, we had to physically try different layouts in the most optimum way for shipping and arrange them in the warehouse while hoping for the best. This was not our way of doing things and we started to look for a digital solution to this physical problem. I remember how I spent a whole day searching on Google and only finding complicated solutions that did not perform well. None of them were straightforward, let alone user-friendly or cloud! But I thought to myself that there must be something our there. After scattering Google for endless hours, I have found the perfect solution: 3DBinPacking. I am grateful that this software exists and that it has made our tasks easier. I would highly recommend it, no doubt about that!

Marian Popescu


When we realised that we couldn't do what we wanted and were looking for a specialist solution, we eventually came across your website. We thought it was a cool, clever piece of kit, a 'why didn't I think of that' solution and you quickly became our only choice. Our plug-ins wouldn't work without your solutions and for our customers who use them it's essential. It helps to make us unique and we talk about you guys a lot in our sales pitch because of how smart it is. Your website is well rounded and easy to use and we've never had any problems – even when we used the 'Try it for free' option to do some testing it worked every time.

Lance Grew

IT Director
World Options

Worried about reliability and SLA levels? Our checkout processes are all hard binded to 3dbinpacking API in order to calculate exact and precise shipping costs (dimensional weight demands so). The very few times the checkout didn't work for a few hours, it was because of some other 3rd party API failing (VISA or PayPal mostly), never because of 3DBP failing to provide an exact packing. When their service levels beat even VISA's and PayPal's... that's a lot of "9's" to say! Throw in also a fair price, fast + accurate + coherent results (remember, for a problem that is not computable), and a dev team that is always passionate and open to suggestions and improvements, and you just have the whole package! :-) In our case, we have already a few email from our customers saying "Wow, your checkout is better than Amazon's!", and 3DBP is a significant part of that customer experience :-)

SpotModel Team


System 3DBinPacking pozwolił nam na szybkie wdrożenie nowych form dostawy. Dzięki modułowi zintegrowanemu z systemem możemy zaproponować naszym klientom wysyłkę produktów na całą Polskę. Bardzo dobra współpraca z teamem 3DBinPacking pozwala nam na optymalizację wysyłek i obliczanie dokładnego kosztu transportu.

Dariusz Jastrząb

Mł. Manager ds. Internetu i E-commerce

We ship items from tiny and light like a miniature lightbulb to heavy and large as a beer crate, often together in one shipment. With 3DBinPacking, we can always find the exact, correct shipping box. So we can ensure safe delivery around the world at minimal shipping costs for the customer. The service has always been reliable for us within the last couple of years. In case of any questions, customer service was always able to help quickly.

Matthias Slovig


Thanks for your support 3DBP – great to see someone who stands by their product – not just out for extra coin. We love your product and will be long term advocates of you and your team.

Hayden McLauchlan

Enterprise Architect

I must say your developers have done a fantastic job so far. It is very encouraging to see your developers are so proactive. Thanks to 3DBP for your honesty and clarity.

Andrew Foster

Lead Developer

3DBP has some really nice to have features which we might use in the future, but for now you have everything we need and when we found you it was easy for us to use your API and forget about anything else. The biggest thing we needed was the 3rd dimension calculator, so for us that was the biggest selling point. You guys are pretty reliable and have a good product, so keep going.

Dak Gonzalez

Chief Technology Officer

3DBinPacking system is working really well, I'm amazed how fast it is. Great job, how did you get it so fast! We almost have immediately a result, which is great for updating a shopping cart and calculating shipping costs!

Lars Heesakkers

Software developer

I have to say that your product is quite impressive! And it matches very well our customers needs.

Dorian Hurault

Product Manager

I love your on-line application; very well done.

Bob Johanson


You guys have done a great job combining the algorithms, web front end, and the API back end!

Robert Carter


Fantastic service and real people behind the products! We went to the 3DBinPacking team for help in getting our company packaging processes up and running. The team’s continuous assistance was great - every question we had, was answered promptly. We truly feel that the guys at 3DBinPacking care about the customer and his business needs. We are looking forward to a long-lasting business relationship with them. Thanks for your help.

Peter Malik

Lee-Mar Aquarium & Pet Supplies

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