Optimize Your Packing Process

3DBP packing optimization software helps you choose the right box for every shipment

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The Average Time for a Calculation
340+ million
Calculations Made with 3DBP
30 countries
Our Tools Are Used Worldwide
1 hour
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Why 3DBP is the solution you need?

Pack a Shipment

Optimize your packing - by number of boxes, space utilization or cost

Stack Pallets

Optimize how you pack your pallets and reduce their number for transport and storage

Find a Missing Dimension

Calculate measurements and the area your packing will use

Find a Box Size

Maximize the use of space and calculate the right-sized box for your packing

Try Out Box Sizes

Compare packing items in different sized boxes or packing spaces

Check Max Load

Check exactly how many items will fill a box or packing space to capacity
The 3DBinPacking Optimization Software is the fastest
and the most precise software on the market
Pack your products in the blink of an eye - literally! Most of our packing calculations take only a few milliseconds.

We aim to calculate your results as quickly as possible and have improved speed by up to 80% in the last couple of years.

Your customer will experience this with real-time updates as they add and remove items from their cart or order.

Accurate & Reliable
Packing is an art. It’s about getting it right. Over and over again.

Simulated, precise calculations translate into unrivaled optimization.

Save on costly material and time. Stress less and direct your focus and energy to growing your company.

We made our packing optimization software intuitive and easy to use.

Get familiar with the system with the help of pro tips.

No prior technical knowledge is required. Anyone can use 3DBP software.

Socially Responsible
Take a sizable step towards reducing your CO2 footprint with optimal load planning.

Fewer boxes mean fewer trucks, less material, energy and fuel used.

Use 3DBinPacking’s tools for convenience as well as knowing that you are reducing pollution on the planet to build a better world for future generations.

Customer-Oriented Approach
We like to think of ourselves as partners and collaborators in your business.

All of our plans include free access to every 3DBP tool, designed and perfected thanks to customer feedback.

We will let you know when your plan is not optimal for your business. We stand by our system – we’re not just out for extra coin! Do you know any other company that does that?

Our team is continually working on new and better applications, which you will have access to as our customer.

Start a 14-day trial of the 3DBinPacking Software - no credit card required.
All tools are available in each of the subscription plans.