Meet the 3DBP Team

People powered with a healthy blend of passion, skills, positive approach, and raw, creative energy.

Albert Rybacki


I am totally devoted to solving problems faced by people so that you can do more interesting things, much faster.

I'm keen on travelling and love to live life to the full.

Tom Mulawka

COO & Head of Customer Support

I'm a family guy. I love to spend time with my kids and wife.

Positive thinking and the ability to find a solution to every problem motivate me. Sometimes, I wouldn't even call it work - it's fun!

Mike Strawiński

Graphic Designer
I am the graffiti artist who will design beautiful graphics, accurate and functional UI design systems for you during the day, that improve the gray reality of our users, and at night will add some color to the walls in your neighborhood.

Anita Pohl

Chief Design Officer

If I do something, I do it with passion, with heart, and I’m fully involved in it.

It's really rewarding and stimulating to create work that has impact - that helps someone function easier, work faster and live better.

Thomas Czapla

Frontend Developer

I love to create brain teasers and my cats Frodo and Jester often inspire me with ideas for new teasers.

In my job, I like to change nice things into beautiful and beautiful into useful.

Anna Justyna Rejrat

Head of Testing

My strengths are perceptivity and analytical thinking and obviously modesty.

I love the green light moment when users can finally use our product. And watching their reactions using it.

Thomas Łapacz

Backend Developer
My everyday life is mainly driven by empathy for the weaker, hence our family living space is filled with a friendly group of adopted animals. Professionally, however, focus, the need for challenges and determination in solving problems help me to develop back-end features in our projects with considerable satisfaction.

Natalia Witczyk

Head of SEO

A thing that fascinates me the most? The optimization process. That's why I love optimizing a website of a packing optimization software!

Outside of work I am passionate about traveling and learning new languages.