Our Distributors

Passionate and always ready to help.

Play a crucial role in solving companies problems with packing and shipping processes.
R1AConsulting offer 3DBP sales and support in Canada and the US.
Aruana Murzaliyeva
Factories of future
Factories of Future offer 3DBP sales and support in India.
Faisal Shaikh
+91 9819380157
Why become a distributor for 3DBinPacking.com

Earn ongoing commission

Add 3DBP as a tool to your B2B business and build your brand awareness and reputation

Be listed on the Distributor Page

Being listed as a distributor will drive local customers to your business

360 support

We've got your back! We're here to assist you whenever you need us.


We provide product training in the way that suits you so that you'll can support your customers
Support and Training Provided to 3DBP Distributors
Product training


A general presentation of our offering to your salespeople, technicians, and other employees.
Business plan


In a jointly prepared business plan, we lay down objectives, specify activities, and define the support you will need to meet objectives.
Discount structure


Agreement on discount for distributor.
Product training


Become an expert in 3DBP’s loading optimization software.
Sales training


Sales training in the benefits adn features of the 3DBP solutions.
First deals


We will assist you in your first sales by attending the meetings with your customers and through support in communication process with them.
Become a Distributor
Earn ongoing, passive income while providing your clients with 3DBP's reliable, load optimization tools that will save them time and money and stress.