Hi! We are TAGU.
We make homes cozier.
We are TAGU.
And we believe that every home deserves a fireplace. Founded in 2018 by Marian and Bogdan, TAGU’s mission is to simplify the process of adding warmth and coziness to any house. With our beautifully-designed and affordable fireplaces, you can make your dream come true today.
We packed ineffectively...

We trade in electric fireplaces, selling our products B2B using Kuehne+Nagel as our 3PL. Usually, we ship something like 20-50 products in the boxes of different sizes which should be placed on pallets. On average we are shipping like 15 pallets.

To order the shipping we have to know how many of them and which sizes are needed, and what will be the most efficient way to place the products on them, as the boxes are big and of various dimensions. The warehouse expects very specific black and white packing instructions sent to them, and because in 2018 we didn’t have any automated solution, we used to do packing manually, physically trying to stack the pallets as efficiently as possible, and only then could we book the shipment. It was completely inefficient.

Hitting a wall

After a month of doing everything manually, we hit a wall. It was time for a change. We decided to look for a new way to better plan our shipments.

We searched the internet and found automated packing solutions with advanced features. They were tailored to high volume and large shipments usually done by large corporations. All we needed was a simple tool for a small wholesaler. So we kept searching.

Then we came across 3DBinPacking.com. We entered our data and hit ‘calculate.’ Within milliseconds we got our answer. Our shipping problems were solved.

3DBinPacking software helps us automate two processes:


Moving goods from the factory to store them in our warehouse. We use 3DBP to plan how to stack boxes on pallets and arrange them on warehouse shelves. The warehouse receives instructions of how to properly unload the containers and stack them on each pallet. The calculation also lets us know how many pallets we need.


Shipping ordered goods. Once we receive an order, we log into 3DBinPacking and insert the data related to that order. The 3DBP algorithm shows us the optimal pallet loading arrangement, which we then export into a PDF and forward to the warehouse.
Problem solved
3DBinPacking packing software continues to save us precious time and resources. Even though our use of the 3DBP tools is limited and doesn’t include API integration, it is enough to make a difference. We highly recommend the 3DBP to businesses that want to make their operational processes faster, easier and more efficient.
It is hard to believe, but planning the pallet arrangement manually used to take us 1 hour. Now by using the algorithm, we’re done in 5 minutes. Moreover, using less packaging makes us more eco-friendly.
We are TAGU.
We make home cozier with fireplaces.