Loading Optimization Toolset Overview

The best tool to manage all your loading optimization process

Up to 4,999 inputs can be loaded within one calculation
Up to 200 spaces filled in just one operation
Supporting both the imperial and the metric systems
6 loading optimization tools to cover all your loading needs
3DBinPacking.com is a loading optimization software that arranges freight in trucks, boxes or containers in an optimal way. For optimum space use, for perfect load distribution, and for effective logistical processing.
Our Loading Optimization Software will help you to:
Group your products when loading, and choose to make sure some products won’t be packed with others
Set separate packing of particular items, e.g., due to safety reasons
Define if the product can be rotated in any direction or only horizontally
Limit the loading space by defining how many products of the same kind can be packed into one box or container
Establish weight limitations, not to exceed the max weight per cargo space
Follow visual step-by-step loading or packing instructions
Import your items from xls or csv file formats to increase the speed of the loading optimization process
Easily import SKU names or IDs, product quantities, and max. weight of the pallet or the truck, weight of the products, dimensions or rotation preferences
Export the optimized load plan to xls, csv, or pdf formats
Save all your information like your common packing spaces or items in the cargo items database
Calculate via browser through a user-friendly interface or via the API, by integrating the calculations with your internal systems
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Pack a Shipment

Optimize packing for shipping, transport, and storage. Pack a Shipment maximizes your use of space in a box, back of a truck, pallet, shipping container or any space you need to pack into.

With Pack a Shipment you can choose to optimize three different ways - by number of boxes/packing spaces, by least amount of empty space, or by cost.

Use Pack a Shipment Tool to:

  • optimize packing into boxes or spaces for shipping, storage and transport
  • use fewer boxes and less space
  • see the optimal arrangement of items inside boxes/packing spaces
  • get step-by-step visual instructions for packing

Stack Pallets

Stack Pallets saves time, space and money when packing pallets. Make the most of the available space, and reduce the number of pallets you use.

Use Stack Pallets Tool to:

  • maximize the use of space on each pallet
  • use fewer pallets
  • see the optimal arrangement of boxes on each pallet
  • get step-by-step visual instructions for stacking pallets

Find a Missing Dimension

The Find a Missing Dimension tool calculates the third dimension when you already know two measurements.

With the third dimension you can calculate the area that your packing will use.

If you know how much space your packing will take up, then you also know how much space is still available to use.

Use Find a Missing Dimension Tool to:

  • calculate the third dimension and area of a loading space
  • see the optimal arrangement of items inside the space
  • get step-by-step visual instructions for packing

Find a Box Size

Find a Box Size calculates the right sized box for your packing or packing space for storage and transport.

If you can make boxes, the Find a Box Size tool determines the dimensions of the box to make, calculated for optimized packing.

Use Find a Box Size to:

  • calculate the most suitable box or packing space for your items
  • create custom-made boxes for optimized packing
  • see the optimal arrangement of items inside the space
  • get easy to follow visual instructions for packing

Try Out Box Sizes

Use the Try Out Box Sizes tool to see how to optimally pack your items into different sized boxes or packing spaces.

Try Out Box Sizes can be used for a box, back of a truck, pallet, shipping container or any other space you need to pack.

After seeing how your items can be packed, you then choose your preferred option.

Use Try Out Box Sizes to:

  • compare the arrangement of items in each box or available packing space
  • choose your preferred packing option
  • get step-by-step visual instructions for packing

Check Max Load

The Check Max Load tool calculates exactly how many of any items or products will fill up a box or space to capacity.

Calculate the maximum number of products that will fit into any available space.

Use Check Max Load to:

  • find out how many items will fit into a box or packing space
  • see the optimal arrangement of items in the box or packing space
  • get step-by-step visual instructions for packing

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