Who we are

Just normal guys, driven by passion.

Our Mission

To provide the most advanced solutions for packing and storage.

About us

At 3DBinPacking, we come to work every day to solve a big problem in business – how to optimize space and minimize costs when shipping items and storing products.

Optimized packing is essential when your business has anything to do with sending or storing goods. Currently, everyone is guessing and doing their best by manually organizing and packing orders.

But unoptimized packing wastes materials, time, space, and money by transporting air and filler, as well as all the fuels and inputs that go into each stage of production and transport.

And don't we all hate when we get a large box filled with paper and packing just to receive a small item?

Optimized packing saves time and money – both of which are lost every minute when packing manually or using complex tools that are not intuitive and require training and special knowledge.

Our products have been designed around our users, and solve most packing scenarios. Information is processed quickly and accurately and the tools benefit your business immediately. We provide packing planning in a process that lasts milliseconds or seconds. That is the 3DBinPacking system.

Our mission at 3DBinPacking is to make optimized packing as fast as possible, as effective as possible, as easy as possible, and as beneficial to your business as possible.

From an idea to helping people globally

Businesses always start with an idea. In my case, I was working in an e-commerce shop as a programmer and was doing what I loved – sitting behind a desk and creating new features for our shop.

As we grew, our shipping department started to fall behind on packing orders. The packing was taking too much time and with so many things to send, we also began to pack carelessly. It was clear how much this was costing the company and our customers.

Albert Rybacki CEO & CTO at 3DBinPacking.com
Hi! I am the creator of the 3DBinPacking system. It’s a great feeling to offer a set of useful tools to help you run your business.

To lower shipping costs, we started to work with a cheaper courier and only offered 3 types of box. It seemed like a good solution, but things actually got worse.

I was inspired to work on a way to make the whole process faster and more efficient. To understand the process, I played around with packing at home. Packing without any tools or instructions is a freaking tough thing! I spent almost a year creating the first packing optimization system.

Having an idea is one thing but implementation is another... I got desperate and was so close to giving up (when it simply didn’t work as I wanted), then finally the system started to give the desired results. The hard work paid off!

That's the story of how 3DBinPacking started.

Our story


This is when the idea of packing optimization came into my mind. It is a perfect example of how you can start revolutionizing the world (seriously), even when you work for a small e-commerce shop in a small town.


The free, first version of the packing algorithm was launched.

Our one tool, TRY OUT BOX SIZES, enabled packing an order into one box. That was all we could offer then - not as sophisticated as now.


A great number of companies started to contact us asking about more solutions and features.

I realized that this business was a bull’s-eye and I put all my heart into developing this project globally.


In response to requests from our customers, I created the second commercial version of the system.

Faster, more efficient, and more precise – simply better.


The next set of incredible features were brought to life – defining colors for boxes, the packing form on the website.

The FIND A MISSING DIMENSION solution was made widely available.


The system got more and more advanced and heads full of ideas resulted in rebuilding the website again to make it more customer- friendly.

The FIND A BOX SIZE solution was added.


The STACK PALLETS solution was welcomed by our customers.

Many customers and businesses were waiting for an efficient pallet stacking tool and we were very happy to be able to offer it.


We added features to determine the maximum number of items per container, grouping items together in one container or keep them separated.

YES, all these features are now available!


Three years of hard work, liters of sweat have resulted in our new website with a totally new design and structure. What you can’t see but will definitely feel is the increase in the speed and optimization of up to 80%.

The story continues... new features, new tools and solutions and much more are still to come! We’re not finished yet.