How to quickly calculate the right box size?

A transport container, which is optimally matched, may accelerate the packing process and help to use available cargo space to maximum, which may result in effectively optimised costs. An added benefit is the sustainable management of natural resources: less raw materials and fuels used, which translates directly into a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

If you are a packaging manufacturer or a businessman ordering packaging, you constantly face the task of determining the optimal dimensions of the container.

What are the dimensions of perfect packaging?

There’s no need to explain why it is not ideal to use one package size for all goods shipped. Imagine the customer getting a pair of socks in a cardboard box used for sending a desktop computer. Inappropriate packaging means costly air transportation, increased filler costs and contributing to unsustainable shipments. Packing planning algorithms allow you to optimise the dimensions, and thus the prices, of shipments.  Optimal packaging should leave very little void space while packing a given item. The less filler or air the better.

It is hard to imagine packaging which perfectly matches all orders or all sets of components. This may be possible when you sell one standard product and only its quantity changes, e.g. bricks, packs of butter, bottles of beer or shampoo. If you trade in several, several dozen or several thousand goods, it is not possible to use 100% of the capacity of each collective container. However, you can prepare (order) several different sizes of packaging that will be suitable for the most frequently completed sets.

As standard, it is recommended to use three different sizes of packaging: large, medium and small. The largest packaging should not exceed the size and weight limits for a standard parcel at the courier you intend to use.

In order to determine the optimal dimensions of small, medium and large packaging, you have to calculate the volume of individual sets of components and the most common orders. They also may include promotional packages or holiday gift sets for employees.

To calculate all this in a quick and efficient way may be quite a challenge when you use a piece of paper or a spreadsheet. The task becomes a piece of cake when you apply packing planning algorithms.

Why is packing faster and more effective with an algorithm?

If you intend placing 3 or 4 boxes with goods in a collective container, you may assess its dimensions by measuring the boxes arranged in a rectangular stack. You can also try packing these boxes into containers you already have. It will allow you to accurately determine the dimensions of the packaging to be ordered.

The situation changes when it is necessary to adjust the packaging capacity for orders that include several dozen or several hundred components and to handle hundreds of such sets a day. In such circumstances, the benefits of using packing planning algorithms become obvious.

If you are going to order a batch of packaging and need to decide on their sizes, you will appreciate the amazing benefits of the Find a Box Size tool. All you have to do is define, based on historical data, the products that are included in the most frequently placed orders and enter the dimensions of all your products. After you select the products in a specific order, the algorithm will provide the dimensions of the optimal packaging.

Our algorithm selects a box or any packing space for a given order and the optimal way of arranging packages inside it. It is precise and very fast. All the benefits above make this a tool offering great possibilities to optimise your shipment process. The more different packages you order or have to prepare each day, the more effective it is. In such a situation, every cubic inch of air counts. After adding up all the cubic metres of air not sent by courier parcels, you will find that you will make significant savings on transport. Moreover, you may substantially reduce the carbon footprint of your goods.

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