Can you send suitcases for holiday by courier?

Packing suitcases is an activity associated closely with holidays. Everything you decide to pack has to be dragged along with your throughout the journey. Or maybe, instead of tiring yourself out, you would be better off sending the suitcases by courier? Absurd? Not at all. And most importantly – it’s cheap and convenient.

A suitcase is a normal package. It is not so obvious that, for some reason, you insist on having it with you when travelling. However, you can take a small backpack with all you need to get to your destination, and pack all the necessary clothes, shoes, and gadgets into a large suitcase and send it by courier.

A suitcase in a package travels cheaper

If you fly on holiday and take with you a large suitcase, you are likely to have to pay a lot for excess baggage. This is especially relevant when you want to take equipment or accessories for your children. A package sent in advance can reach the holiday resort by road, which will be much cheaper than taking it on a plane. The return journey can be done in the same way.

If you want to take fishing equipment, diving equipment, a pontoon or other bulky, heavy items, then you’d better send them by courier shipment by road. Having the equipment with you, even when travelling by train or by car, may cause you a lot of problems and make your journey less comfortable.

When you fly across a sea or ocean, or when you cannot use road transport, the situation becomes a bit more complicated. In such circumstances, the decision whether to send the suitcases or equipment separately by sea should be made depending on the size of the parcel, because, the larger the parcel you want to ship, the more beneficial sea transport will be. Arranging for your luggage to travel separately can make your trips more convenient. The question still remains: how to pack a suitcase to be shipped by courier?

How to pack a suitcase for a courier?

A suitcase itself is a good package for transport. You can buy suitcases with a reinforced structure, equipped with a suitably solid lock which may be difficult to pick. Such a suitcase or transport box does not need to be specially secured for travel: it is already shock and weather resistant. If you want to protect the suitcase against dirt and scratches, a good solution is to wrap it tightly with stretch foil.

In the case of standard suitcases or large travel bags and backpacks, you can use a cardboard box to give the package a regular shape. You should remove the wheels (if possible) and fold any protruding parts of the suitcase or bag, before putting it into the box. Then you should wrap the package tightly with stretch foil. It is recommended to protect all sharp edges and protruding elements with cardboard covers or few layers of bubble wrap. In this way, you will protect the cardboard packing against being punctured.

If the suitcase is irregularly shaped, the empty spaces in the packaging should be carefully filled with crumpled paper, bubble wrap or airbags. The box should be sealed with packing tape. It may even be worthwhile to use reusable sealing materials and cardboard boxes, it will make it easier to send your suitcase home at the end of your holiday.