The Blog Inauguration

Welcome to our newly launched 3D Bin Packing blog. We are proud to announce that from now one we will be sharing packing news, tips and tricks with all our 3D Bin Packing community. We have prepared a series of articles in several category groups:

  • Packing automation
  • Packaging hints
  • Innovation
  • Shipping
  • Feature release.

The aim of this knowledge-sharing area is to introduce the ins and outs of the transport industry, in a digestible and entertaining form. On top of that, we will aim for writing about the 3D Bin Packing system features, updates, and best use cases, to strengthen the knowledge around the tool, and make it more accessible to its users.

We are very excited to take our users into this journey, and we await any feedback regarding our efforts, especially the topics of the articles we have chosen. Please enjoy, and if you like it, share on your social media. In order to find out about the latest posts, follow us on LinkedIn.