Change of delivery address. How and why to redirect a parcel?

The possibility of changing the delivery address has become not only a common option, but even a necessity for customers soon after it was introduced. You want to be able to change the delivery address up until the last moment before delivery. Even if it appears to be a nuisance to the couriers, they are its prime beneficiaries.

Although the change of delivery address service is relatively new, nowadays it seems as obvious and natural as if it had always existed.

Why redirect a package which is on its way?

The answer to this question is quite obvious: to make your life easier. Much can change between placing an order and delivery, including the place you live. Pandemics when you are forced to be grounded at home under quarantine do not happen so often. More often, the situation is that you are so busy that you can’t be in the right place at the right time to pick up the parcel. And then the option of changing delivery address or time turns out to be priceless.

It takes some time to understand why courier companies agree to change the delivery address at the last minute, and even encourage customers to redirect their shipping. If you don’t know what’s going on, it’s usually about money. And this is the case this time – it is profitable for a courier company to take any measures, including contact with recipients, to make sure they will be at an agreed address to enable successful delivery.

What are your options when you can’t collect a parcel?

Most courier companies include information about a possible change of delivery address when sending the first notification after the courier picked up the shipment. If you cannot meet the courier at the designated place and time, you still have several solutions to the problem:

  • change of delivery address – you may choose to collect a parcel at work instead of at home or choose delivery to a neighbour,
  • change of delivery time – an obvious alternative to changing the place of delivery is to change the courier’s arrival day or time,
  • redirecting to a parcel locker or pickup point – if the parcel locker or pickup point is near your work, home or daily route, you can collect your parcel whenever it suits you which allows you to manage your time more effectively,
  • postponement of delivery (vacation hold) – if you have to leave suddenly for a couple of days or weeks, you can agree with the courier to suspend deliveries until a specific date,
  • cancel the delivery – remember that you can also opt out of delivery of parcels: you have the right to do so and if you choose this option, the decent thing to do is to inform the courier of your decision.

How to redirect a package?

Usually, you can redirect through a form on the courier’s website. Some couriers also offer telephone contact. In most cases, the service is completely free. However, changing delivery address may result in delayed delivery.

It may also occur that you will not be able to redirect your shipment, because the sender required delivery to the previously agreed address with signed confirmation. You may also not be able to change the delivery time because of the contents of the package (e.g. perishable products), which require delivery in a short strictly fixed timescale.