Flight case for rent

If you want to ship musical instruments, electronic sound equipment or optical devices by courier, a solid flight case is essential. It may be worth owning one, if you regularly transport items that are sensitive to shocks and mechanical damage. If your shipment is only a one-off, renting a flight case of the appropriate size is a much more beneficial option.

Flight cases, as the name suggests, have been specially developed for air transport. They protect not only against mechanical damage and shocks, but also against rapid temperature changes and precipitation. Thanks to these properties, they are also perfect for use in road and sea transport.

Advantages of renting cases

Rental of flight cases means not only reducing the costs of use, but also no problem with their storage. When it comes to rental costs, they drop sharply with long-term rentals. The daily rate for rentals for a year may be a few percent lower than for a week. This means that even if you use a flight case regularly, renting it can be more economical than purchase.

Moreover, the great advantage of renting is also the immediate availability of different size cases. You may rent exactly as many cases in the right sizes as you need, while if buying, you very often have to wait weeks until the cases of the sizes you ordered and with the cargo space division you specified are produced.

Another advantage of flight case rental is their technical condition: you don’t have to worry about their maintenance and repair. Furthermore, you can even rent cases with additional equipment that will allow you to track the current location of the shipment.

Talk to the smart case

The package tracking option is nothing new. However, the information you receive through the application of courier companies does not concern the current, physical location of your shipment, but only the current stage of the forwarding process. You may learn whether your parcel has left the sorting center or has been collected by a courier, but you are not able to determine exactly where the parcel is at the specified time. However, you can get this information when you use a smart flight case.

An intelligent flight case, equipped with GPS, allows for real-time monitoring of its position. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) devices, you may receive not only location information, but also readings of temperature, humidity, pressure, data on light intensity, vibration level and possible bumps and falls. All real-time information is available on any device with Internet access. These are just examples of the sensors that can be installed in an intelligent flight case.

Data collected and sent to you by intelligent devices allow you to control the condition of your shipment, which is especially important, e.g. when your case contains valuable works of art, perishable goods, medicines or medical samples. In case of irregularities, you can contact the courier and save the transported goods from damage. A case stuffed with electronics will also detect any failures during transport and allow you to document any claims for damages.